What women want

It’s more of a trillema. I’ve three options for what to call my post. What women (like me) want (on a date); Such Perfection (a very nice R. K. Narayan short story, try it sometime, better still get me to tell you); Little of Everything.

I decided to go with What Women Want in the vain hope of increasing TRP ratings. I’m guessing it’s the most googled phrase, considering the question was recently raised in an official 2-hour long meeting at work where the big boss killed mosquitoes and pondered upon life!

In a nutshell, on a date, women like me (would hate to speak for the majority) want a little of everything that results in absolute perfection.

I like a relaxed day. No plans, no agendas, no fights, no tension; just another lazy Sunday afternoon.

Just taking it as it comes and going with the flow but doing it together – with love and consideration. Even if all you do is run errands and pay bills.

I understood my best friend and came to love her by going with her to malls, shopping for clothes and cosmetics, home decor and gifts; banks; vegetable shops; supermarkets; the RTO; and even on occasion, the hospital.

And that’s the same kind of getting to know I want on a date. You just have a lot of together time and don’t really sell yourself but have yourself on display, so to speak.

It’s too tedious to plan a perfect outing each time with someone. Even for a girl. A special date involves a lot of grooming (is my lipstick alright), Oh-heavens!-what-do-I-wear-debates, and many expectations.

Expectations have this nasty way of not being met.

On a perfect date, there needs to be a bit of everything. Throw in food, experiment with a way of life—sit on pavements, lick ice-cream and become the substance of wet dreams for strange men, drink coffee, cross a signal at a race (like children), and chatter all the time, point out objects of interests like plump babies and their rounded tummies, mannequins’ tits (they have really conical ones) and this and that. Add window shopping, buy music, movies, books, and discuss them at length and you have such a perfect blend of everything.

Return home, watch TV and simply laze on the bed making drowsy, desultory conversation. And then plan the next meal. Share dreams. Tell stories. Bitch about people. Laugh together.

Add chemistry to the mix and it’s enough to satisfy me.

Follow it up with a call and have him tell you how much he enjoyed being with you and a, “Oh here’s what we can do next time, you know…”

The call is the most important of all. It’s polite to return and make calls after a perfect date. Simply, honestly, irresistibly.

Not the, oh-no-I-called-last-time-I-need-to-play-hard-to-get-let-him-call-Well-if-she-wants-let-her-call-kind of thing.

And when someone calls, well, really, what’s to complain? What’s to fight about?

I’m so easily pleased. But none of the people in my life think so. Especially, the men I love.

LOL. I wonder why.

P. S. Gopic, thank you for today (such perfection) and for showing me what I value most in life and for stating so simply that you will be on my side no matter which side I am. You are precious, baby.


About Bhumika's Boudoir

I love to laugh, and end up being a part of high drama and stormy emotion even when I don't pursue it. Being creative, and communicating with people get me going. I enjoy all the good things in life especially those that are slightly risque, and apologise little, if ever, for all that I do. Literature is a passion and so is music.
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6 Responses to What women want

  1. amandeep says:

    Did we not miss some other things here? That is before the call and when the date is coming to an end? If you really like the partner, that is 🙂


  2. anita says:

    hey, thanks for having me on your blog roll!and dates? yeh date kya hota hai? i swear i’ve forgotten! hehe!


  3. Ah, the gorgeous, most beautiful, tingling thing in the world – the goodnight, goodbye kiss! Well, it never happened to me, so how could I write it? Though I’m crazy about my date, Gopic, we’re not into sex. LOL. 🙂


  4. Anita! Welcome to my life. I’m reaching a point where I no longer believe in dates too. I stopped wondering about time a long while back. So it’s only fitting one thinks so about dates as well. 🙂


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