He’s just not that into you

I don’t know why we were never warned. Or didn’t bother to check the reviews.

I had a sinking feeling that I’d end up with amplified depression after watching this movie because of its theme, but I was so wrong. The depression began when the little girl haltingly and painstakingly complained about being likened to dog poo right at the beginning of the movie. The depression that began was owing to the terribly slow pace of a hideously long movie. As Vatty said, the halting and painstakingly slow dialogue delivery set the pace for the entire goddamn movie.

There were all these convoluted discussions about men and the way they think. (Surprisingly, not with their dicks.) And always another character in the movie summing up each dialogue slowly and hesitatingly after it was uttered (would you believe it – slowly and painstakingly).

I slept for some parts of the movie. Wouldn’t you know it, I was just not into the movie!

What was the movie all about?
That relationships suck. All of them all the time. And you salvage what you can.
Otherwise, you pick up and say, “he was just not that into me.

Mommy Choo
My man dumps me because his family does not like me. And as if that’s not enough lets his mom loose on me. I must be the only woman in history who had a mother-in-law/daughter-in-lawesque fight without marrying the son!
And so he’s just not that into me, I guess.

I was listening to the difficulties of making a long distance relationship work. How many emails and camera conversations convey the love? How open can a relationship get?
And so they may just not be as into each other as they had hoped.

I do. I do not.
Marriage talks abound in my house. Waking, sleeping, eating. And it’s always about what’s the progress – did you find someone? I do find people who seem interesting. They don’t find me the same. In the off chance that they like my mug – say, we even chat. They think it’s suddenly not important to be grammatically right or ask questions like “are you okay if your husband is not a virgin?”
Day 1, it seems a reasonable enough question and I reply I am fine.
Day 2, the bugger repeats the question. Does it turn him on? Whatever, best avoided.
I’m just not that into marriage with strange men, I guess.

Cold showers
My man will not find it in his heart to forgive me for loving him like I do. Two years of being best friends and then lovers and he can live with not answering the phone when I call.
He’s just not that into me.
(Bhumika, what more proof do you need?)

Pledge to pain
I will never find it in my heart to let go. Not now, after five months, may be never.
I’m just not that into being without him, I guess.

Material Madonna
Hysterical, lacking the purple nail polish, without the pretty house, with conical breasts, and a rectangular hidesign bag, I sit and type a blog post that I’m sure the readers just won’t be that into.

Last wo(ve)rse
Suddenly riding back home, I felt insignificant, overwhelmed, small, and remarkably alone.
I know people have that feeling when they stand in front of a mountain, or sight the sea.
I am just not into life anymore, you know.



About Bhumika's Boudoir

I love to laugh, and end up being a part of high drama and stormy emotion even when I don't pursue it. Being creative, and communicating with people get me going. I enjoy all the good things in life especially those that are slightly risque, and apologise little, if ever, for all that I do. Literature is a passion and so is music.
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4 Responses to He’s just not that into you

  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice one !Is this out of ur mental agony aka lonelyness(ish)?


  2. Marvin Grey says:

    You should watch “The Reader”. It is definitely not a happy flick. But it is a great movie. I don’t think it is in any of the theatres. You got to “torrent” it in. DVD quality is readily available and well seeded.I cant think for any other happy romantic flick. I wind down with “Mad about you” series (again it is through torrents).


  3. Aman says:

    Or you could just write lovely lists 🙂 very nice ones!


  4. I watched The Reader and loved it. And don’t you just love Ralph Fiennes’ voice? He reads Pablo Neruda in Il Postino and I’ve been in love with him since. Thank you, Marvin. LOL. Will do, Aman.Anon, I’m so curious, what do you think?


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