A purrmoonition

I have a feeling that life is not as it should be. I was born human and being human was supposed to be the best thing ever on this planet – that’s what all the Hindu scriptures say. But I feel I’ve been short-changed somewhere and that someone out there is laughing all the way to the celestial bank.

Something needs to change. My Cassandra sense says it probably won’t. I’m not a cat or a cow. That’s why.

I am so desperately in need of change (that is the good sort – so hold that blitzkrieg, forces above) that I went ahead and revamped my blog. So if you’ve come in to the boudoir for the first time then you are okay else you might just be tempted to cry for some relief from all the purple.

I don’t care. I’ve decided to paint my room purple because I’ve figured that if loving the colour purple from the time I was born (slight aberration: when I was 7 I fell in love with yellow – thankfully that coldly played out) and ending up working in the purple company has still not cured me of the purple passion then it’s for life. Only I can’t seem to find a nice purple picture. I think I want one.

But I really mostly want change. A friend of mine wanted change so badly, he just went and quit his job. I cannot do that. Besides, I love my job. It’s the one thing that’s keeping me sane.

Though with this sea-less weather in Bangalore, I really cannot do much. I can’t even go to work. I can type only with my index fingers (often just my left) and so life goes on.

Returning from the doctor today I couldn’t help wishing I were a cow or a cat or something like that.

When cows or cats get sick, they don’t need to work from home. They can just rest till they are better. If they are really sick then can be put to sleep. And there are no debates about euthanasia and what not.

Cows or cats are not affected by the weather. They don’t need saltwater-clogged-taps weather or hair-curling humidity. They are happy in the sunshine and the rain and the snow and everything.

Cows or cats never need to exercise. Cows or cats are not fat. They just are.

No one compares a cow to another cow.

They are never imperfect. They just are.

They are expected to do nothing more than cat things or cow things.

And cats and cows always have change. A cat gets nine lives; a cow probably gets a new shady place to chew its cud. And here, I haven’t even been able to buy shades!

A cat or a cow. It’s probably an easy life.

But may be turning into an animal is not the sort of change I want.

I want what we all want – to be happy, healthy, hungry, alive, free, and loved. And yes, a little good sex couldn’t hurt any. May be then even my joints will be jolted into good behaviour.

Hell, this purple has pleased me so much that although I have a premonition none of these wants will see fruition anytime soon, I am still purring away.

About Bhumika's Boudoir

I love to laugh, and end up being a part of high drama and stormy emotion even when I don't pursue it. Being creative, and communicating with people get me going. I enjoy all the good things in life especially those that are slightly risque, and apologise little, if ever, for all that I do. Literature is a passion and so is music.
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3 Responses to A purrmoonition

  1. Rati says:

    Aah! Knw what you mean, I wanted change too and changed my blog colours. Funny how we set the threshold for excitement so high we almost trip over it!But imagine this, if you were a cat or a cow no one would give you any attention and that my friend is the greatest malady of them all!


  2. Touché!Sigh! The most I've ever done when I seek a change is doing horrible things with my hair that I rue at leisure…That and deciding I'd accept a proposal of marriage!


  3. P. says:

    See that's where I disagree. Cats and cows do not have a good life. They go through life without intelligence. And by that I mean the intelligence that makes us human. The consciousness. For a cat, consciousness is knowing where the mouse is at all times. For the cow probably knowing how to get under the shade. But it's only us, with all our problems and what not, that have the ability to think beyond these mundane things. Sure, mundane things have their charm. Like looking at a sunset with eyes that want nothing else. But after a while, you have to wonder about things such as the sun coming back up the next morning, and the night sky lit with stars. The world, in spite of all it's problems, is filled with beauty. And if we were anything but human we wouldn't be able to perceive that beauty. Just my 2 paise worth.


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