I love posts where I actually don’t have to write anything. Like this one. Continuing from where we left off the other day, Life Coach (LC) attacks me again today – first thing in the morning, when I’d logged in to seek help from my Facebook community on whether I ought to join dance classes or yoga!

My bad. I’ll never get online again till after lunch-time. We live and learn.

LC: Hey
B: Hello
LC: How are U? U up soooooo early?
B: I’m good. It’s probably the last day of my enforced break so I wanted to start the day early. How goes?
LC: Wow! U joining a job again?
B: Not yet. But I will start looking for one and getting all busy.
LC: Hmm. U were supposed to call me that day.
B: Hello? We decided that you would call me. And you said as a LC calling was nothing for you.
LC: We did NOT.
B: Pshaw!
LC: I said I would understand Ur seriousness only when U call.
B: Now see what you’ve done!
LC: I said me calling is easy. But I would want to understand how serious U are.
B: I don’t believe in your seriousness to change my life!
LC: Even if it was decided that I would call, and when I didnt, U should have at least asked me why I didnt call U.
B: I’m painfully shy.
LC: :0 Its not anyone else’s seriousness that is gonna change Ur life.. its YOUR OWN. If there is any opportunity, U should have been PESTERING me about it. Are you actually too shy to live a better life ??? Wow! That is a first!
B: Darling, hang on, do you know I’m a writer? And do you know I blog?
LC: I dont. I know U are a writer but I dont know U blog. And what is the cnnection?
B: It seems strange that you would launch into a lecture without knowing the first thing about me/what I do. And so early in the morning, of course. Without even asking me if I’ve had a cup of tea or if I’m in anyway fortified against the lecture.
LC: lol. Listen. We had a chat the other day. And U seemed to be interested in doing something worthwhile. And U asked for it. I didnt offer it.
B: Oh ho!
LC: And I asked U to call. And U didnt.
B: Never said I want to do anything worthwhile.
LC: So I asked u why U didnt call. And U go an excuse spree.
B: I said I want to continue living the life of the idle rich, and asked if you had suggestions.
LC: And now find fault with me for not making small talk. Acceptance is the first step to change. And change is the first step to progress.
B: Not small talk, darling, just that you need to know something about me before you speak to me about changing my life.
LC: DENIAL is the killer. If are in denial, you will stagnate for ever.
B: May I quote you?
LC: I need to understand U. That is why I asked U to call me. And the very act of taking the initiative to call also tells me a lot. I am a Life Coach and I should know a lot about U. And every action or the lack of it is a data point for me.
B: So what does the lack of it tell you?
LC: It simply tells me the difference between mere words and action.
B: Ouch.
LC: And how serious u are about what u say u want.
B: What do you think about a sense of humour?
LC: And the difference between real dreams and wishful thinking. U can either choose to be a spectator watching a few others play and go by or become a player yourself.
B: Right.
LC: Very few in the world are good enough to be a player.
B: So here’s the deal and I don’t mean to be rude, but you must listen before you speak. Have a good-day. Bye.
LC: And the rest are just content watching them play and dream about playing.. and dont act on it any further.. just console themselves that most others in the world are also mere spectators the idea of the call was to LISTEN. And understand. Its Ur life. Up to U to decide what U want to be.But I can tell U something. If U let opportunities slip by, U will for ever be wherever U are. Take good care of Urself. And call me the day U feel U want to do something about going where U want to go. All the best!
B: Thank you so much.
LC: Dont thank me. Just put down your dreams. Every one of them that U ever thought U want to achieve in ur life. Tangibles and intangibles. I was with Apple and used to travel 26 days a month. My wife hardly ever saw me. My biggest dream was to spend time with my wife and mom. Put down everything. And then take a stock of options in ur hand.. and think whether any of those options can EVER take U to all those dreams. If the reality is different from Ur dreams then the option before U is not the right one. Rather than compromising on the dreams, compromise on the options. Buzz me if U need help. I…

And he’s still lecturing. I don’t think he knows I logged out of Facebook.

And sorry about boring you, but I didn’t see why I shouldn’t share such free pearls of wisdom. So while you comment on this one, don’t forget to tell me whether I should join dance classes and sway happily or do yoga and attain the patience to deal with half-wits. Oh damn, when I put it like that, it becomes clear I ought to join yoga. Anyway, please do take the poll on Facebook or leave me a comment. Life-altering dilemma, really.


About Bhumika's Boudoir

I love to laugh, and end up being a part of high drama and stormy emotion even when I don't pursue it. Being creative, and communicating with people get me going. I enjoy all the good things in life especially those that are slightly risque, and apologise little, if ever, for all that I do. Literature is a passion and so is music.
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6 Responses to Sway

  1. Marvin Grey says:

    Day 1 – Introduction – What are you doing with your life?
    Day 2 – The Pitch – You need to take responsibility.
    Day 3 – The Product – Buy a plot of land on farmville for $100/- and become a member. Sell 3 plots on farmville to your friends. Watch your investment grow as they sell 3 plots each to their friends.


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  3. Rheea says:

    What a cheeky fellow I say. You gave him good and proper and for that I love you. Hail your buxom self gorgeous . If only I was blessed with half as much wit and guts as you 😉


  4. Rheea says:

    oh gosh, that comment was meant for the bald photographer post.


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